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    (Closed) Sliced Image does not scale properly
    Sliced Image does not scale properly

    1. What happened
    Slicing is not working as one would expect it to.  The sides of the image that are supposed to remain constant are being scaled out improperly.

    2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached
    Look at the "BtnMixMuddles (1)" object in the scene for an aspect ratio corrected sprite, which if I stretch its width will become invalid and improperly scaled, which I would expect.  Below that is a duplicate of the image but set to Sliced instead of Simple.  The sliced version is just wrong, and I can't get it to look like the correctly scaled aspect ratio one above it.  A sliced version should be scalable in both the horizontal and vertical directions without changing the aspect ratio of its underlying image.  I'm trying to support multiple device screen sizes, so I can't rely on using a fixed image resolution as my buttons are configured to scale across the screen depending on the aspect ratio of the device.
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