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    (Closed) Android player problem from Unity 5.5 till 2017.xx
    Android player problem from Unity 5.5 till 2017.xx

    1. I started my project with Unity 5.4, and tryed to move it first to 5.6, then to 2017. Everithing works in editor , but in Android build within cca 1 minute of gameplay the scene becomas black, the canvas remains, other things are invisible and dont get more information about rigidboby (a rigidbody velocity gives NaN)
    Its a racing style game with ball objects, using sphere colliders and rigid bodies, moving by AddTorque and AddForce. Build with Unity 5.4 runs perfect, but after 5.5 or newer versions the problem appears all the time on android devices. Tested with galaxy S4 and S7. I tryed 5.5, 5.6. 2017.. nothing helps :( I tryed to rebuild it in version 2017, not just open existing version from 5.4, but no luck.

    2. You can repsoduce it with builds from 2017. I sending the project files from 5.4 and 2017, also apk-files. With builds from 5.4 is no problem, runs perfectly, samw project from 2017 allways ends with black screen. So now is not possible to recreate this  game in new unity versions :( Curious that old 5.4 can handle it. The problem appears just in android builds.bugReport

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