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    (Closed) Cannot render to temporary texture if camera.targetTexture is not null
    Cannot render to temporary texture if camera.targetTexture is not null

    1. What happened
    If I set a non-null render texture to camera.targetTexture in OnPostRender function, the camera doesn't render anything onto a temporary texture that was set to camera.targetTexture in OnPreRender function. The test code is in Assets/RenderTextureText.cs.
    I needed to set a render texture to camera.targetTexture to prevent VR SDK from moving the camera along with HMD.

    2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached
    Step 1) Open Test scene.
    Step 2) Run Test scene.
    Step 3) Select 'Camera' object which is a child of 'Main Camera'der  in Hierarchy view.
    Step 4) Double click 'Render Texture' property in Inspector view.
    Step 5) Check the rendered image. It is supposed to have a cube image.

    This is the main reason why DynamicShadowProjector didn't work on Unity 5.6 beta as I mentioned in Case 876867.

    License type: Free
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