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    (Closed) CharacterController "Forgets" A Box Collider and Ignores It Forever - Unity 5.5
    CharacterController "Forgets" A Box Collider and Ignores It Forever - Unity 5.5

    1. What happened

    This has been happening ever since Unity 4. Notice how I am in the most recent build of Unity. Basically my CharacterController is falling through random colliders about 1% of the time. This is not what you think:
    - The box collider is not a trigger
    - It is not a a physics layer issue
    - Everything is enabled appropriately
    - Once the CharacterController chooses to ignore the collider, it will ignore it forever.
    - Here's the kicker: the box collider that isn't working works fine with every other physics element, including other CharacterControllers, such as enemies, etc.
    - Another kicker: the box collider that isn't working can be copied and pasted in the player, and works great with the CharacterController that it was ignoring.

    2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached
    - There is no way of knowing whether this can be reproduced using certain steps. As stated, it happens about 1% of the time. I'd recomend playing the game in the editor until it happens, which may be a while. It also happens in standalone, as many of my backers from Kickstarter have also complained about this.
    - A better way to "test" this is to just watch me recording it happen, and take in all the elements. You will see within minutes that this is certainly a bug:

    Here is another video of it happening:

    This is also an issue reported with several other Unity devs complaining:

    All that said, I can't ship my studio's title without this fixed :/

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