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    (Closed) Unity 5.5 wrong texture import settings
    Unity 5.5 wrong texture import settings

    1. What happened
    A texture included in the attached unitypackage is wrongly imported into an empty Unity project.
    It is interpreted as a single channel cube map instead of a default 2D texture. In Unity 5.4 and earlier this asset is imported correctly.

    2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached
    - Import the attached 6_0_RC_VuforiaCar.unitypackage into an empty Unity 5.5 project
    - Check the settings of Editor/QCAR/TargetsetData/6_0_RC_VuforiaCar/768d7a96d00242959c522796fa984af4_preview.jpg
    - Note that the texture is set to "Single Channel" and "Cube", and the preview is incorrect.
    - Setting the type to "Default" and "2D" fixes the issue and the preview is correct.

    License type: Pro
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