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    (Open) A lot of GC-related crashes with our game
    A lot of GC-related crashes with our game

    Hello! I'm lead developer of VoidExpanse
    Many of our players reported about the crashes related to Mono GC since we've updated to Unity 5.2. Currently we're using Unity 5.2.1p3 but the game still crashes for many players.

    I've attached the logs files sent by one customer. It seems the crashes always related to Mono GC when it try to allocate string or array. We though it may be caused by a memory leak - but no, the game never uses more than ~800 MB of RAM.
    The customer told us: "An error message box pops up with the title "Fatal error in gc" and the message "GetThreadContext failed" and I have to click ok on that before it generates the crash log."

    There are also some "R6025 -pure virtual function call" crashes on Windows, however nothing useful at the output logs and no crash dumps generated. How could we debug such a crashes?

    Vladimir Kozlov

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