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    (Closed) -e il2cpp fucks up initialization of this class
    -e il2cpp fucks up initialization of this class:

    public class Turn
        public List<Point> matchHexes;
        public List<Point> effectHexes;
        public Turn(List<Point> matchHexes, List<Point> effectHexes)
            this.matchHexes = matchHexes;
            this.effectHexes = effectHexes;

    with code

    Turn turn = new Turn(
            new List<Point>(){ new Point(1,4), new Point(2,4), new Point(3,4),new Point(4,5),new Point(5,4), new Point(6,5),new Point(7,4)},
            new List<Point>(){new Point(2,4)}

    both matchHexes and effectHexes are initialized with effectHexes. The relevant generated code:

    List_1_t1 * V_1 = {0};
        V_1 = L_0;
        V_1 = L_8;
        Turn__ctor_m0(L_10, V_1, V_1, ...);

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