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    (Closed) When exporting to WebGL, "Convert and compile scripting
    1) What happened
    When exporting to WebGL, "Convert and compile scripting files" enters an infinite loop (mono.exe process  is 100% cpu, first it does a lot of disk reads (productive work I assume), then  just the 100% cpu which looks like an infinite loop). I let it hang there for an hour to be sure. Happens both on Windows and OSX.
    When I kill the process the console error is
    (...)/il2cpp.exe --copy-level=None --enable-stacktrace "(...)\Assembly-CSharp.dll" "(...)\Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll" "(...)\il2cppOutput"

    2) How can we reproduce it using the example you attached
    Is there any way I can find out which script the compiler has problems with? I can't upload the whole project due to code ownership issues, but if I can narrow it down I'll give you a simple example.
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