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    (Open) When using the Threadpool, exceptions are silently caught
    1) What happened
    When using the Threadpool, exceptions are silently caught. 

    This is very bad for application consistency/correctness/stability etc.  Standard .NET behaviour is to terminate the application when an unhandled threadpool exception occurs (, but Unity3d soldiers on. 

    I spent a few days tracking down a bug in my code that was obfuscated by this silent catch behaviour.  I understand that it's not cool if Unity3d were to crash / terminate when a game is running, but at the very least, there should be a mechanism to draw attention to exceptions that occur in the threadpool, as many of them will put the application into an inconsistent/invalid state.  With appropriate exception handling, consistency can be maintained.

    Also, anyone from a .NET background will likely make assumptions about the threadpool's behaviour.

    2) How can we reproduce it using the example you attached
    I didn't attach an example, but it should be easy to reproduce.
    * Create a blank project
    * Create a mono behaviour of some sort
    * Dispatch some work to the threadpool via ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(WaitCallback callback, object state) (
    * Somewhere in the WaitCallback method that runs on the threadpool, throw an exception
    * Confirm that no exception is reported in the editor
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