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    (Closed) user submitted bug
    2D Animation (2.1.0-preview.2) conflicts with Tiles (or with TilemapRenderer?)

    - What happened
    I selected "A problem with the Editor" above, but this problem also causes in play mode.

    Installing the package "2D Animation" (2.1.0-preview.2) destroys all Tile assets (including the ones created after the installation).
    The destroyed tiles can be placed on Tilemaps and Tile Pallete, but they seem to be rendered in a strange way.
    Please see the attached image files. "correct.png" shows the normal appearance, and "wrong.png" shows the broken one.
    .meta files of the tiles (and the images refered by them) seem to have no problem, so this may be the problem not on tiles but on TilemapRenderer.

    - How we can reproduce it using the example you attached
    1. Open the attached project's SampleScene.
    2. Something terrible is rendered in the scene view.

    How to create this project:

    1. Create a new Unity project with Unity 2019.1.0f2 (3D template).
    2. Install the package "2D Animation" (2.1.0-preview.2) with PackageManagerWindow.
    3. Put any image file (for example, use the attached file "block.png") into the project and import as a Sprite (2D and UI).
    4. Create a new TilePalette.
    5. D&D the image into the palette to generate a new tile asset.
    6. The tile placed in the palette looks terrible.
    7. Create a Tilemap and draw something with the tile.
    8. The tiles placed in the scene view also seem to be broken.

    The order of these steps can be changed, but if you create the tile asset before installing the package, you must re-import the image file.

    - Other discoveries
    1. "PSD Importer", which depends on "2D Animation", causes the same problem, and all the dependencies of "2D Animation" don't. Therefore, I think there are some problem in the "2D Animation" package.

    2. The broken tiles placed in the scene view can be fixed, by changing the "Mode" parameter of the TilemapRenderer, "Chunk" to "Individual".

    3. "2D Animation" (2.0.0-preview.1) package in Unity 2018.3.0f2 (Personal) does not cause the problem.

    4. Installing the "2D Animation" (and reimporting image assets) causes additional reloading (?) on all the image files in the project.

    We are using 2D Animation and Tilemap in our project (Unity2018.3), and we want to update Unity to 2019.1 for the many great features (and the performance improvement of 2D Animation), but this problem makes it impossible... :(
    We hope the problem is fixed soon.


    License type: Free
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