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    (Closed) Unit Test SetUp and TearDown methods are called before previous scene is destroyed
    Unit Test SetUp and TearDown methods are called before previous scene is destroyed

    1. What happened

    In a Unit Test class, [SetUp] and [TearDown] can be used to ensure that certain conditions exist before and after each test method runs. However, when two tests are called within a single test run, the SetUp and TearDown methods of the second test are executed BEFORE the first scene is completely destroyed. This means that any behavior executed in OnDestroy methods on objects in the first scene will execute AFTER the SetUp and TearDown methods.

    This causes behavior where my unit tests run when executed one at a time, but fail when run as a batch.

    2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached

    Open the Test Runner, and go to Play Mode tests, and then run all the tests. The second test will always fail. Here's what happening:

    There's an object in this scene named ObjectToDestroy. It has a class on it called ObjectController. The OnDestroy method of ObjectController sets a global static value to -1. The SetUp and TearDown methods in the unit tests set that global static value to 0, and the tests themselves simply assert that the value is equal to 0.

    When running the tests as one batch, you'll find that the OnDestroy method of the object is being called AFTER the SetUp method from this scene, and AFTER the TearDown method of the previous scene. Here's the log output of the two tests:

    Test SetUp executing
    Test1 Running
    Test Teardown executing
    Test SetUp executing
    Test2 Running
    ObjectController OnDestroy executing
    Test Teardown executing

    Notice that "ObjectController OnDestroy executing" is called very late. This causes me issues in my unit tests, because I can't reliably use SetUp and TearDown to ensure global values are set correctly.

    It seems like Test 2 should simply not start running until after the scene is fully destroyed.

    License type: Free
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