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    (Closed) Compiler increases ram used on its own
    Compiler increases ram used on its own

    1. What happened

    Every time i hit play, without changing anything, the compiler adds a bit of ram to the total ram used, on its own, specially the textures

    2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached
    make sure the compiler is set to record, start play, stop.
    switch the sd and HD versions of tao and dealwithit sprites, in their respective game objects, as in 'drag-n-drop' them in there.
    The press play again, stop, press play, repeapt many times.

    The sprite switch forces the bug to appear, but the bug is retty apparent on any project i've tested, the compiler is really -not reliable atm. Not for any level of precision anyways.

    Public status: Public

    License type: Free
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